Entrepreneurs are liable to take their profession very seriously, maybe a bit too seriously. What happens if you fail and lose everything? What happens if your great idea doesn’t succeed, but you don’t think you can come up with another one?

These are worries that every entrepreneur faces during anxiety-ridden moments when things aren’t going as smooth as you’d like them to. So, how do you go on without being crippled by worry? Sheer determination?

For EO Berlin  member Frank Gessner , the secret lies in attaching yourself to a purpose that’s greater than any one business. He should know, he’s founded 10 of them.

Frank grew up in Communist East Germany, and was one of the biggest early entrepreneurial success stories to emerge from the region after the fall of the Berlin Wall. He’s seen his fair share of economic crises and business failures, but he has also kept his eyes on the family, life and the passion for what he does rather than any of his individual companies.

This approach has led him through 30 satisfying years of dramatic change in business and politics in his region. What has he learned? That anyone can achieve success in business if they have a strong enough ‘why’.

Join Nir Zavaro , host of the Europreneur Podcast, in a fascinating conversation with Frank Gessner on crypto, the luck that contributes to success and much more.

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Raised in Communist East Germany, Frank Gessner  is a member of EO Berlin  and founder of nearly a dozen different companies over the years, including several early pioneers in eCommerce Software like Intershop and Alea. Today he is chairman of Invao , an institutional financial services provider that invests in and manages digital assets.