Relationships are the key to business growth | Jane Hales – Europreneur Ep 26


There are many ways to grow a business, but there’s nothing quite like building a network, staying in touch and doing good work. The result of this equation is that you inevitably earn recommendations and grow through word of mouth.

EO London  Accelerator Chair Jane Hales  has seen this equation work in her own career, as she went from being relatively unheard of in the marketing research field to co-founder and director of a successful business in the industry.

Join Nir Zavaro , host of the Europreneur Podcast, in a fascinating conversation with Jane Hales on delivering bad news to clients, the joy of asking questions and much more.

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Jane Hales  is EO London‘s  accelerator chair and co-founder of Sapio Research , a consulting firm that conducts audience, brand and content research to help companies understand their market and build business plans and develop sales strategies.