The decision to take the plunge and become an entrepreneur can be an intimidating one, to say the least. Especially if you’re already in a stable financial situation, why upend and risk everything you’ve got? A little perspective might help answer such questions.

When EO Bridge member Loredana Niculae was attending university in post-communist Romania, she worked hard, but still didn’t have much money. Unable to afford student housing, she slept three nights under a staircase at one point, but rather than being a discouragement, this experience liberated her. According to Loredana, “When you become free, then you realize that everything else is an opportunity.”

She would go on to make a series of decisions that might frighten most, even accepting a 800% salary decrease to change professions and pursue a job that wouldn’t keep her up as many nights as she spent at her accounting position. Eventually, she realized she was an entrepreneur at heart and, determined to spend more time with her daughter, left the world of employment to run her own consulting firm. She hasn’t looked back since, and still has trouble saying no to entrepreneurial opportunities that have potential.

Join Nir Zavaro, host of the Europreneur Podcast, in a fascinating conversation with Loredana Niculae on her experience in post-communist Romania, choosing family over her employers, scaling a consulting firm and much more.

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 Loredana Niculae is a member of EO Bridge, CEO of consulting firm NNC Services , founding member of a Waldorf school in Bucharest and remains involved in a number of other ventures she just couldn’t say no to.