There’s much to be gained by being an entrepreneur, but as Mark Foran and John Cunningham  have discovered, there is just as much to be given back.

Mark, a telecoms entrepreneur, and John, who runs a food manufacturing company, first teamed up when war broke out in the Ukraine in February, 2023. While John was able to contribute food products beneficial to refugees and patients in Ukrainian hospitals, Mark was able to mobilize and engineer a solution to the daunting logistical problem of making sure their donations reached their destinations.

Thanks to their rich experience and many lessons learned after decades of entrepreneurship, Mark and John has successfully made a significant humanitarian contribution to Ukrainians, and encourage other entrepreneurs to find their own ways of giving back.

Join Nir Zavaro, host of the Europreneur Podcast, in a fascinating conversation with Mark Foran and John Cunningham on mobilizing to help Ukrainians, working from home and much more.

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Mark Foran
is a member of EO Ireland , managing director of Glenline Telecoms  and director of Omix Sdh Bhd and Telco 3, focused on rolling out telecom infrastructure in Malaysia.

John Cunningham  is a member of EO Ireland and managing director of Epicom Food , a manufacturer of retail dairy and other helth food products.