From clown to CEO, this entrepreneur believes in experience sharing | Shmulik Aran – Europreneur Ep 24


The best advice is always backed up by experience, but would you rather get advice or hear about someone else’s experiences?

The difference may not seem like a big one, but advice suggests that someone is being told the right thing to do while hearing about the experience of others empowers you to draw some of your own conclusions and implement them in ways that seem best to you.

That’s why Shmulik Aran has taken a page out of EO’s book when it come to mentoring other CEOs. As owner, CEO, certified facilitator and executive coach at TAB Turbo  Shmulik brings together fellow entrepreneurs, not to tell them how to solve their problems, but to hear the stories of others and share their own.

But Shmulik, a member of EO Israel  has a rich set of experiences himself, and he wasn’t always an entrepreneur. In fact, to become more outgoing and more expressive, he challenged himself to do perhaps the exact opposite of being shy and keeping to himself: He became a clown and learned that the show must go on, even after setting himself on fire.

The lessons Shmulik learned from clowning would stay with him through his military service and career as a high tech entrepreneur to find himself where he is today.

Join Nir Zavaro , host of the Europreneur Podcast, in a fascinating conversation with Shmulik Aran on conducting business across cultures, clowning, being curious and much more.

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Shmulik Aran  is a member of EO Israel  and CEO of TAB Turbo , where he is a certified facilitator and executive coach .