Is entrepreneurship simply a lifestyle choice, or is there a bigger reason, an end goal? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you give up on sleep and so much more to build a company from nothing? If not, or if you haven’t found an answer, how do you stay motivated?

EO South East Europe founding member Ivan Lekushev only recently felt like he finally discovered the true ‘why’ behind his company, BGO Software , and now he realizes why it’s so important to have this sense of direction. A successful man once told him, “The measure of success is the quality and quantity of free time that you have.” That’s not true for everyone, of course, but clearly identifying success for yourself will shape everything you do, and help you efficiently drive toward the goal you aim to achieve.

Ivan’s entrepreneurial beginnings stretch back to his days selling newspapers on the streets of post-communist Sofia Bulgaria. Today, he wishes he would have listened to his parents more, or at least had a stable mentor when he finished university and became an entrepreneur. In fact, he recommends the experience of working for others to benefit from the opportunity to learn that he never had.

Join Nir Zavaro , host of the Europreneur Podcast, in a fascinating conversation with Ivan Lekushev on the importance of learning from a mentor, finding your ‘why’ and much more.

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Ivan Lekushev  is a founding member of EO SEE  and CEO and Co-founder of BGO Software , a digital health lab that works with all innovators that aim to transform healthcare through technology.