Ever wished you could get better quality out of your webcam or smartphone camera for all those important meetings and interviews you’re doing online these days? Thanks to EO London member Aidan Fitzpatrick and his company, Camo, you don’t need to invest in a brand new camera.

His software will do.

Camo has been setting the camera quality bar higher for users since its founding by Fitzpatrick in March 2020, but its most recent
update, Camo 2.0 is taking expectations to a whole other level in what The Verge  has called “a solution … for all our webcam problems,” and “so much better than Continuity Camera,” another popular camera app.

“From the start I wanted to go broader with Camo, to help more people get even better results and to have a more sustainable impact with reuse of existing equipment,” said Fitzpatrick in his announcement of Camo 2.0. “Since launch, I’ve lost count of the number of ‘DSLR quality’ webcams that have been launched, yet none have delivered on the promise. Remarkably, webcam quality is largely still where it was years ago, with webcams and laptops still being built with years-old sensors, held back by primitive, limited software. Camo 2 is here to change that.”

So, what’s new in Fitzpatrick’s technological achievement? Among others,

  • Camo now works with all cameras
  • Next-gen features that take quality to the next level
  • Hardware acceleration for greater efficiency
  • 4K output from capable cameras
  • A rich new design interface

Aidan Fitzpatrick  is a former President of EO London and current Governance Director of EO Europe. His company, Reincubate and its app Camo are engaged in improving camera quality through software.