Entrepreneurship without material attachments | Julia Duran – Europreneur Ep 22


The business world doesn’t always grant you success; often times, it’s up to you and take the extra step, reach out and take for yourself, even at the cost of changing your lifestyle and making significant sacrifices.

For Julia Duran , those sacrifices have come in the form of material belongings that don’t fit in her carry-on luggage. Even some relationships are hard for her to maintain, but there she makes an extra effort not to let go. Why all the sacrifice? Because Julia is constantly traveling to live her entrepreneurial dream.

Loosely based in Buenos Aires, Julia also spends a significant amount of time in California where most of her clients are, and traveling across South America to stay connected to her all-remote team of developers. But her life isn’t even limited to the Western Hemisphere; she is also a member of EO Europe’s Bridge Chapter and regularly makes stops on the continent.

So, how does she handle of this traveling? Julia was raised to value perseverance and determination, qualities that were on display when she first started her business and met 300 potential clients in one year, hopping from city to city with her carry-on to get things started. These same values have helped her accept a life that sacrifices material goods in the pursuit of achieving her business dreams.

Join Nir Zavaro , host of the Europreneur Podcast, in a fascinating conversation with Julia Duran on the life of a traveler, the future of remote work and much more.

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Julia Duran is a member of the EO Bridge Chapter and CEO at South Geeks, a software development company.