Entrepreneurs need these 3 things to find the path forward | Wolfgang von Geramb – Europreneur Ep 25


After years of hard work, you’ve finally done it. You built a company and made it profitable… now what?

If you’ve done it right, there’s a good chance you’ve become redundant in your own business. Things are working so well and there’s such a clear path forward for the company that your regular input may be more of a hindrance than a help. Is it time to hand over your company to someone else? Was this business what you really wanted to achieve with your life, or was it just the first step on a larger journey?

This was the predicament that EO Hamburg  member Wolfgang von Geramb  found himself in when is started to become clear that it was time for him to move on from his first business in marketing. He didn’t want to start just any other business, he wanted to use his newfound freedom and resources to take another step toward doing something with greater meaning. Figuring out what that meant would lead him on a fascinating journey of self discovery.

Today, Wolfgang mentors other, mostly women, entrepreneurs find and pursue their true calling and climb their Second Mountain . According to Wolfgang, there are three things you need to figure out to find your path forward in life: what excites you personally, what you can offer that will be meaningful to others and what will truly challenge you.

Join Nir Zavaro , host of the Europreneur Podcast, in a fascinating conversation with Wolfgang von Geramb on selling a business, tough love, mentoring female entrepreneurs and much more.

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Wolfgang von Geramb  is a member of EO Hamburg  and entrepreneur coach at The Second Mountain, a mentorship program to help entrepreneurs as they explore who they truly are and what they want to do after achieving initial success.