Going from CEO to chairman isn’t an easy process, especially when you founded the business. It’s been your baby from the very beginning, and as CEO you had a direct say in all important decisions. Becoming a chairman means letting go of a lot of control.

For EO Greece  President Andreas Constantinou, making has inspired a lot of soul searching as he explores what’s next in his life, from teaching and mentoring to training for Iron Man.

According to Andreas, one of the most important things he’s learned is that perfectionism won’t get you very far. As an external motivator, perfectionism is based on the fear that anything you accomplish won’t be good enough. True passion and love for what you do is intrinsic and internal.

Join Nir Zavaro , host of the Europreneur Podcast, in a fascinating conversation with Andreas Konstantinou on transitioning from CEO to chairman, training for Iron Man and much more.

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Andreas Constantinou  is President of EO Greece  and Chairman and Founder of SlashData , a leading analyst firm in the developer economy.