Could this EO Israel member save free speech?


The advent of the internet gave any and every user access to just about every piece of human knowledge in existence. As recent years have shown, however, there are some problems with this model. How can anyone be sure that the information they find online is real? If you post true, quality information online, who’s to say it won’t get lost and go undiscovered by those who need it?

These are exactly the problems EO Israel member Tomer Treves set out to alleviate in 2013 when he co-founded Adnimation with his business partner, Maor Davidovitch.

“I saw that people were able to say anything online, but people would not hear it,” said Treves in an appearance on the Europreneur Podcast. “I would call it freedom of access to information, not just freedom of speech. You have to have freedom of access to information as well to make freedom of speech work.”

Treves originally aspired to launch a career in Israeli politics, but decided to provide value to the public as an entrepreneur first, hoping to raise the personal capital needed to maintain his financial independence in the political sphere. Today, he is CBO at Adnimation, which empowers online publishers by maximizing their ad revenue through advanced technology and monetization experts.

While many companies have responded to economic downturn by cutting their online advertising budgets, Treves and Adnimation are helping support the online publishers who rely on generating ad revenue and have been put at risk through this new trend.

“The economic challenges facing the world and specifically the advertising industry are concerning, and that is why Adnimation is focused on providing our partnering publishers with the best possible service to help them continue thriving during this time of uncertainty,” said Treves. “It is specifically during such times that publishers need to generate the highest possible income from their ads, and that is a responsibility we don’t take lightly.”

According to Israel’s Arutz Sheva, Adnimation became the first company in the world to receive Google’s CTV monetization product in May 2022, enabling Adnimation to use its advanced technology to offer Google ads to CTV and OTT publishers.

Tomer Treves is a member of EO Israel and Co-founder and CBO at Adnimation, a publishers agency that manages ad sales for online publishers and maximizes results through proprietary technology and professional service.

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