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EO London is a tight knit community of entrepreneurs, innovators and disruptors helping each other achieve success in life and business by sharing experience and knowledge.


The chapter is diverse in ethnicity, gender and industries represented, and offers a substantive community who can be relied upon to generously give of their time and insights. EO London also cares deeply about making a difference in the communities in which we operate and is committed to being a force for good.


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Pajani Singah
Communications Chair
Rachel Irvine
Integrations Chair
Sab Jhooti
Learning Chair
Abhi Arya
GSEA Chair
Michael Korn
Membership Chair
Jeremy Knight
Accelerator Chair
Jane Hales
Forum Chair
Sid Jashnani
Finance Chair
Safraz Fayyaz
Mentorship Chair
James Summers
Chapter Retreat & KLF Chair
Firdaus Nagree
Strategic Alliance
Ritam Gandhi
Accelerator co chair
Shilpen Savani
Impact Chair
Andre Coutinho

Chapter Stories

EO London member changes camera quality forever with Camo app

Ever wished you could get better quality out of your webcam or smartphone camera for all those important meetings and interviews you're doing online these days? Thanks to EO London member Aiden Fitzpatrick and his company, Camo, you don't need to invest in a brand new camera.

Relationships are the key to business growth | Jane Hales - Europreneur Ep 26

There are many ways to grow a business, but there's nothing quite like building a network, staying in touch and doing good work. The result of this equation is that you inevitably earn recommendations and grow through word of mouth.

Why entrepreneurship is still all about relationships & trust | James Burchell - Europreneur Ep 16

One might take this as an important lesson in establishing barriers and approaching new relationships with suspicion, but EO London member James Burchell  has learned a different lesson through his experience.

Europreneur Ep 12: Pajani Singah on making an impact through entrepreneurship

With all the daunting global problems facing humanity, it's easy to get a little pessimistic. What can an individual do to combat climate change, deforestation, hunger, disease, political upheaval, etc.? According to Pajani Singah, entrepreneurs have the potential to make the biggest impact in this uncertain environment.

EO London Chapter President wins WEF innovation prize

Amazonia Impact Ventures, led by CEO and EO London Chapter President Pajani Singah has been selected as top innovation winner of the World Economic Forum Tropical Forest Commodities Challenge thanks to its work investing private capital in projects that reduce deforestation, regenerate biodiversity and restore degraded land. The challenge called for innovative and systematic approaches to global production and trade of agricultural commodities that deliver social and economic benefits for local communities. Singah and Amazonia Impact Ventures fulfilled these conditions and won the support of the WEF by connecting investors with ...

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