Date Founded: 01/01/1999
Area: Area 4
Chapter Website:

Entrepreneurs' Organization is a high-quality network of over 14,000 like-minded leaders in 61 countries. We help entrepreneurs reach their full potential through the power of life-enhancing connections, shared experiences and collaborative learning. EO has been helping entrepreneurs achieve transformative growth since 1987. Our member network is committed to learning from each other and helping each other succeed. Get access to the best experts in the world. Grow beyond your personal limits. Achieve breakthroughs as you redefine and realize your goals in life and business. The purpose of EO is to help entrepreneurs reach their full potential.

Ronald Zemp
Member Engagement Chair
Maurus Riedweg
Membership Chair
Jonas Schwertfeger
Communication Chair
Pascal Arnold
Communication Chair
Vito Critti
Learning Chair
Florian Krausbeck
Learning Chair
Dominique Reber
Strategic Alliance
Elian Kool
Strategic Alliance
Flavio Pfaffhauser
Forum Chair
José Lopez
Forum Chair
Andrin von Rechenberg
Accelerator Chair
Alex Bojer
GSEA Chair
Heiko Trautwein
Finance Chair
Robert Leitz
Chapter Manager
Natalie Peter
Chapter Manager
Brigitte Braun
Accelerator Ambassador
Vincent Irrling
Tech / IT
Stefan Escher

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