Date Founded: 01/07/2008
Area: Area 4
Chapter Website:

Founded in 2008, EO Madrid weathered the European debt crisis and emerged the stronger for it, having since grown to include over 60 members from industries as diverse as law, engineering, media, restauranteering and more.
EO Madrid is especially well-known for hosting a popular organizing and networking event for local entrepreneurs called Happy Hour. Open to startups, investors, business angels, institutions, accelerators, mass media and others, Happy Hour is one of the many ways EO Madrid aims to fulfill its mission of sharing knowledge and offering support to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Spain, to the benefit of future generations.
EO Madrid's efforts to bring entrepreneurs together comes at a crucial period of business development and expansion in Spain, and allows the organization to provide tangible value and new opportunities for everyone, for free.

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Alfredo González
Francisco Javier Quero
Ana Aldea
Miguel Ángel Fernández
Alberto Gómez-Rico
Communication & Marketing
Mónica Vicente
Socials - events
Blanca Gener
Vicepresidente + Happy Hour
René de Jong
Sponsorship and Institutional Relations
Sergio Vela
International Relations
Fernando Arencibia
Dennis Vilovic
MyEO - Engament
Cristina de Santiesteban

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