Date Founded: 30/06/2019
Area: Area 2
Chapter Website:

EO Saint Petersburg is a fast growing young chapter. It was created in 2019 off the larger EO Russia chapter, though EO Russia is almost 15 years old and EO Saint Petersbug has several members with more than 10 years of membership.

President, GSEA
Zakharchenko Andrei
Iakimenko Andrei
Forum Chair
Kolosov Denis
Membership Co-Chair
Orlov Kirill
Learning Chair
Skobeev Konstantin
Learning Co Chair
Chimitova Marina
President, Forum Chair
Golubev Vyacheslav
Membership Chair, Communications, GSEA
Dubrovin Sergei
Membership co-chair
Galumyan David
Member Engagement chair
Mirovshchikova Tatiana
Member Engagement co-chair
Baranov Ilya
Sergei Panfilov
Learning co-chair
Ivan Shkatov
My EO Chair
Oleg Dukhniakov
Alexandr Voskoboinikov

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