Date Founded: 13/05/2013
Area: Area 3

EO Israel is made up of serial entrepreneurs, some of whom have had multiple exits valued at tens of millions of dollars. Members share professional knowledge, concerns and confide in each other. Each adds their talents and connections to the community, and together, they energize each others’ ventures and keep Israeli entrepreneurship thriving.

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Zohar Meron Shmueli
Eyal Ronen
Orit Karseboom
Forum Chair
Adam Amitai
Engagement & Integration Chair
Bathen Yeshua
Membership Chair
Meir Amzallag
Finance Chair
Tomer Chen
Mentorship Chair
Orin Green
Marketing director, European Region
Nir Zavaro
Forum Expert, European Region
Shmulik Aran

Chapter Stories

AI is taking over academic publishing | Avi Staiman - Europreneur Ep 39

There are many things we can already trust AI tools like ChatGPT to do for us, but should academic research be one of them?

Highlights from Europe's #1 podcast for Entrepreneurs (Ep 1-30) | Europreneur Ep 29

As the Europreneur Podcast approaches 30 episodes, it's time to take a look back at everything we've explored and learned together so far.

Could this EO Israel member save free speech?

The advent of the internet gave any and every user access to just about every piece of human knowledge in existence. As recent years have shown, however, there are some problems with this model. How can anyone be sure that the information they find online is real? If you post true, quality information online, who's to say it won't get lost and go undiscovered by those who need it?

EO Israel member expands hotel chain with affordable 'tourist village'

As the Sea of Galilee explodes in popularity as a tourist desination, EO Israel Engagement and Integration Chair and CEO and Founder of the Metailim hotel chain, Bathen Yeshua, is combating the proliferation of luxury hotels that are driving up the price of accommodation in the area with a unique "tourist village" designed to cater to all kinds of travelers.

From clown to CEO, this entrepreneur believes in experience sharing | Shmulik Aran - Europreneur Ep 24

The best advice is always backed up by experience, but would you rather get advice or hear about someone else's experiences? The difference may not seem like a big one, but advice suggests that someone is being told the right thing to do while hearing about the experience of others empowers you to draw some of your own conclusions and implement them in ways that seem best to you.

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