Date Founded: 01/05/2014
Area: Area 3
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Andreas Constantinou

Chapter Stories

If you fail once, try again | Philipp Brinkmann - Europreneur Ep 34

Everyone knows the value of perseverance in theory, but do you think you would be able to live by it and bounce back after going bankrupt? EO Greece member Philipp Brinkmann didn't just recover from bankruptcy to continue his journey as an entrepreneur, he did it with the same kind of business he failed with in the first place.

Don't let perfectionism destroy you | Andreas Constantinou - Europreneur Ep 28

Going from CEO to chairman isn't an easy process, especially when you founded the business. It's been your baby from the very beginning, and as CEO you had a direct say in all important decisions. Becoming a chairman means letting go of a lot of control.

CEO in an industry that can't be taught | Anna Maria Antippas - Europreneur Ep 23

The story of Cobalt Music , her record label in Greece, actually begins with her grandfather, who founded the company and passed it on to his son. Under her father's guidance, the label was sold and transferred hands multiple times before finally falling under wide of umbrella of Universal.

Europreneur Ep 13: Leonidas Karellis on persevering through uncertainty

For Leonidas Karellis, the answer is the motto most Greeks live by: This too shall pass. As part of CARELL, a family-owned ship repair business, Leonidas has found himself at a major intersection of crises in recent years, but that's an experience that he, his business, and many Greek entrepreneurs are familiar with, and isn't a reason to be discouraged.

Europreneur Podcast Ep 3 - Anastasis Lozos and his 4th generation business

Few business can claim to have existed for more than a couple of generations. How can a company survive the increasing pressure of time?

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