Say yes and play the scene | Taunya Renson-Martin – Europreneur Ep 27

If you’ve never had any acting training, you may not see there being much of a connection between improv and entrepreneurship, but what is running a business if not improvisation? After all, no entrepreneur can plan out how everything will go. Eventually, you’ll have to simply say yes and confidently ride the wave of events as they propel you forward to an unknowable future.

Could this EO Israel member save free speech?

The advent of the internet gave any and every user access to just about every piece of human knowledge in existence. As recent years have shown, however, there are some problems with this model. How can anyone be sure that the information they find online is real? If you post true, quality information online, who’s to say it won’t get lost and go undiscovered by those who need it?

EO Israel member expands hotel chain with affordable ‘tourist village’

As the Sea of Galilee explodes in popularity as a tourist desination, EO Israel Engagement and Integration Chair and CEO and Founder of the Metailim hotel chain, Bathen Yeshua, is combating the proliferation of luxury hotels that are driving up the price of accommodation in the area with a unique “tourist village” designed to cater to all kinds of travelers.

Entrepreneurs need these 3 things to find the path forward | Wolfgang von Geramb – Europreneur Ep 25

If you’ve done it right, there’s a good chance you’ve become redundant in your own business. Things are working so well and there’s such a clear path forward for the company that your regular input may be more of a hindrance than a help. Is it time to hand over your company to someone else? Was this business what you really wanted to achieve with your life, or was it just the first step on a larger journey?

From clown to CEO, this entrepreneur believes in experience sharing | Shmulik Aran – Europreneur Ep 24

The best advice is always backed up by experience, but would you rather get advice or hear about someone else’s experiences?

The difference may not seem like a big one, but advice suggests that someone is being told the right thing to do while hearing about the experience of others empowers you to draw some of your own conclusions and implement them in ways that seem best to you.

Keep working on what you love, and you will succeed | Ayse Can Gurer Bayraktar – Europreneur Ep 20

A member of EO Turkey , Ayse has extensive experience is several disconnected industries like insurance, banking, tourism, high tech, and now, education. Based in Instanbul, she’s had to overcome the barriers faced by female entrepreneuers, and in a conservative country no less. Stubborn inflation in Turkey has maintained an environment of uncertainty throughout her career, and politics always seem to be getting in the way.

Recognize you are an entrepreneur and don’t look back | Loredana Niculae – Europreneur Ep 19

When EO Bridge member Loredana Niculae was attending university in post-communist Romania, she worked hard, but still didn’t have much money. Unable to afford student housing, she slept three nights under a staircase at one point, but rather than being a discouragement, this experience liberated her. According to Loredana, “When you become free, then you realize that everything else is an opportunity.”

Why you need a purpose that’s bigger than your company | Frank Gessner – Europreneur Ep 18

These are worries that every entrepreneur faces during anxiety-ridden moments when things aren’t going as smooth as you’d like them to. So, how do you go on without being crippled by worry? Sheer determination?

For EO Berlin  member Frank Gessner , the secret lies in attaching yourself to a purpose that’s greater than any one business. He should know, he’s founded 10 of them.

Finding your reason to be an entrepreneur | Ivan Lekushev – Europreneur Ep 17

EO South East Europe founding member Ivan Lekushev only recently felt like he finally discovered the true ‘why’ behind his company, BGO Software , and now he realizes why it’s so important to have this sense of direction. A successful man once told him, “The measure of success is the quality and quantity of free time that you have.” That’s not true for everyone, of course, but clearly identifying success for yourself will shape everything you do, and help you efficiently drive toward the goal you aim to achieve.